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Sandra Sedgwick Williams AKA Psoemetry is the Author of the original page turning book, The Scenario.  Born January 9, this comically unique individual has been on one mission and one mission only.  "The great adventure called Life!"

A writer almost from birth, her first literary award was presented while attending Warwick High School in Newport News, Virginia.  Psoemetry's talent became noticed by a special media arts teacher while holding down a spot on the High School Radio Show.    

The show was only 15 minutes a week but it wasn't long before Psoemetry owned 5 of those 15 minutes with her first Radio Show spot titled "Getting To Know You."  She was awarded "The Quill And Scroll Award" for media excellence.  Later on in life she became the co host on a christian radio show in Hampton, Virginia called Taking It To The Streets with Minister Vernon Jones.  She was given an application to get her FCC license from the radio station.

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My Story

In December of 2009, Psoemetry met a homeless advocate named Chakezulu and was inspired to become an advocate herself.  The day after Christmas she took a small team to the streets of Atlanta and directed and co produced a mini documentary about homelessness in Atlanta.  She wrote the spoken word piece, “Please Don’t Forget About Me”  Benjamin Sedgwick was the Executive Producer on the project.  Psoemetry received the Cambridge Who’s Who as a result of this work.

In 2011 she met a fellow poet, Andrew Johnson, on a website called Black Planet dot com.   That's when Mr. Johnson began sending scenario's to Psoemetry's email as a writer's exercise.  Each day he would send a scenario and she would answer with a scenario of her own.  Psoemetry kept the tidbits and shared them with her friends Lexi Coburn and Michele Green.  It was almost unbearable waiting to see what the next email would say.  Finally after several months of this email exchange, Michele informed Psoemetry that the emails were reading like a book.  That's when Psoemetry gathered the emails and began to create an actual book.

 September 2011 through the series of emails exchanged in what was later named Scenario Tag, Psoemetry wrote her first romance novel entitled “The Scenario”  Sadly, not too long after Mr. Johnson passed away.  Today Psoemetry is bringing the book to life in the long anticipated audio movie production, “The Concert Scenario”  It is so good you will see it with your ears.

The team of actors and artists will make magic as the book unfolds in the visual recesses of your mind.  You will laugh, you will cry, you'll get angry and you might even fall in love.  As described by JRenee Witherspoon, a comedian and long time family friend, "The Concert coming to  a set of ear buds near you!"


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.